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    EZPZ Difficulties

    Im thinking about just canning reseller right now. Don't know why I keep trying to fiddle with it .

    Just tried EZPZ and their support is extremly slow. Sent in 3 support tickets and were going on over an hour with still no response.

    I just now tried calling their phone number since it is 10am and they are available from 9am and there number says please call 1015158000 or something like that. This is not even a phone number as it has several extra digits.

    So slow support responses and their phone does not even work.

    Their servers seem good, why are so many people pleased with their support? I know im not after seeing the above.

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    Two if your tickets were handled in around 30 minutes - the other is an account transfer request which was queued for restore, as mentioned we can't always handle those instantly if a transfer is already running for someone else.

    The phone line is primarily a sales line and is only open on Monday-Friday, it isn't a 24/7 support line.

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    Looks like I have received a response now, hopefully I don't have to experience this much in the future.

    Case closed.

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    I hardly think this qualifies as poor service.....were any of these a critical situation as in a service outage?

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    Any ticket I have opened with EZPZ for sales and info has been answered within 3 to 15 min.

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    Extra digits are country code etc. It's a UK phone number.
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    Unsure what happened this morning however the response speed now is less than 10mins. Great support and looks to be great servers. May have just found the perfect reseller provider!

    There were like 15 or 16 digits. Here in the usa with an area code there is only 10 digits only. It appears to be a telecom issue and not related to EZPZ, only those who live outside the UK seem to have the problem.

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    In the UK it's 11 digits plus country code if calling from outside the uk.

    Glad everything is sorted now.
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    EZPZ is pleasing me for this new business and a positive review has been written!

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