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Thread: DNS Issues

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    DNS Issues

    This is the first time I come across this issue and frankly don't know how to solve it despite my experience..
    I received a complaint from some of my clients, stating that they can't connect to their site because "it is not online"

    Now, the site works perfectly from my PC (both on IE and firefox), I've checked its availability on, and it's being spidered by google, which clearly means it is online

    However, those clients' ISPs won't let them access the site for some unknown reason...I believe it's some DNS issue (probably they refuse to cache IPs from the country the sites are hosted on, which is Holland for the record)

    Is there anything I can do, DNS wise, to solve the issue? It's getting frustrating because they think I'm not doing my work and I can't just tell them "your ISP sucks"..
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    Have you run the domain through a DNS checking service: ... any errors?
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    Can also have them do a traceroute to the server IP and see where it is failing.. maybe it is not making it out of their house?
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    As Michelle said, get them to do a traceroute (or you trace to them) or a nslookup.

    If their ISP wasn't caching then the lookup will still succeed, just would take a couple milliseconds longer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick View Post
    Have you run the domain through a DNS checking service: ... any errors?
    This. Are "all" nameservers on the same server? Intodns will warn you about that or other problems.

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    Your administrator will be solve your problem
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    Ask you clients to try out opendns and see whether they are able to open the websites ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick View Post
    Absolutely! I recommend this to my clients every time they have issues like this. Moreso, I do the lookup for my clients and tell them what's wrong.
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