Hello All,

I want to announce Custom Design Packages..
Package One
3 Pages (Homepage + Product(Plans) Page + Content Page)
PSD only
Price: $200

Package Two
5 Pages (Homepage + 2 Different Product(Plans) Pages + Content Page + Contact Page)
PSD only
Price: $300

All designs go through the flow:
  1. First Draft, if approved design continues (unlimited edits)
  2. If first draft is not approved, Second Draft, if accepted design contines (Unlimited Edits)
  3. If neither the first or the second drafts are accepted, 20% of the amount is kept and the remainder is refunded to the client.

Important Notes:
  • Special cases like Rotating banners or sliders which needs design of more than one banner can cost extra, around $15 per banner for 1-3 banners
  • Conversion to xHTML/CSS can be done, quote will be provided after design approval
  • I do not take more than one project at a time to insure enough concentration.
  • Payment Method: 40% upfront - 40% After design completion - 20% After files delivery

Special Offer - FastTrack design service available, request a design package and a duration (as soon as 3 days) and get a quote in less than 24 hours.*
* Please note that the availability of the FastTrack service depends on the current work load.

Check the link in my signature for my full portfolio..
I am also selling 3 pre-designed unique templates.

The below designs are all unique and for sale, all are in PSD format, if you want them coded in valid xHTML/CSS, let me know and I will give you a different quote.

Small size customizations are free, if you need large edits let me know what you need and I will give you a quote.

Design One:

Company Page:
Products Page:
Price: $120

Design two:
Company Page:
Products Page:
Price: $100
*Note: This design comes with the logo in it.
Also the domain Syzed.com is for sale if you want the full package.

Design three:

Products Page:
Price: $50