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    GNAX/Netdepot Awesome Support

    I see people complaining about Netdepot's support at times, so I like to offer the side of a happy customer, since it seems not as many who are happy with service talk about it.

    Every time I've needed support, my tickets have been answered quickly. I'm posting now because this morning was another time. Seems it doesn't matter if it's Sunday morning, the middle of the night, or during business hours. This morning, I woke to the server down. Opened a ticket, got a response within 3 minutes that they were checking, and it was working again 10 minutes later.

    Just wanted to thank GNAX for their support. I don't need it often, because uptime is also awesome, so I don't have many tickets I've had to open, but when I do, they're always quick with the responses.

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    Gnax has always been very solid for us as well. - High Bandwidth Specialists - 100TB/1Gbps/10Gbps Unmetered/CDN/DDOS Protected
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    Poetren and AYK, thanks for the words of encouragement. I will pass it along to the techs.
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    Thank for the words guys

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