BibiHost (IMDD Services) is an italian based registered company. We provide high quality hosting solutions for an honest price. We're mostly focused on FFmpeg hosting, necessary to run video sites, virtual servers and dedicated servers but we also do servers management, websites coding and design, graphic, Iphone and Android apps. We love to be considered your "best friend" in hosting as we always tend to have a friendly and confidential relationship with our clients. Actually BibiHost manages servers in 7 datacenters across Europe and USA. Our services are available from France, UK, NL and 4 USA locations.
Our experienced team and our high quality infrastructure will provide you the best hosting experience ever!

A cloud is a cluster of server nodes connected to redundant high speed raid enabled central storage (SAN). The central storage provides data protection because it's in a raid-enabled configuration and has a hot-spare storage server on standby which will take over immediately if something happens to the master, it is completely transparent to the end user when this happens and the cloud server remains online in its normal state.

Why to choose to be hosted in a cloud environment?
High Availability (Fully redundant cloud setup)
Dual Quad-Core nodes
SAN storage
High quality network (Level3, KPN)
Xen Virtualization Technology
Easily scalable (up to 16 cpu and 72GB ram)

Test file:

NL (Amsterdam cloud, 1Gbps) ->

USA (Chicago cloud, 1Gbps) ->

What we offer:

Shared accounts -> cloud powered cPanel shared accounts from less than 10$/year!

Cloud VPS -> Xen VPS virtualized in the cloud from less than $22/month!