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Thread: Fsck filesystem

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    Fsck filesystem


    we have a problem on our hosting server, every 1 or 2 time for month all our hosting server go down for a read-only filesystem so we need to reboot and do a fsck that take 1 hour! we use raid 10 with sas disk 15.000 on ext3 centos 5, this happen o all our hosting server... what do u think? can we move to ext4? any suggestion?


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    I would investigate further as your FS shouldnt go read only every few months. It could indicate an issue with a disk or the RAID card.

    there should be some info in /var/log/messages before your system goes read only.

    Not sure swapping to ext4 will help.

    Good luck


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    We had such problem on RAID-1 when system went read-only without any reason. We figured that it was caused when we installed CentOS on RAID array (hardware) which was in initialization state (I think it might be connected with SWAP, I might be false). When we reinstalled CentOS again with new partition schema, when RAID card was in "OK" state, the problem stopped.

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