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    Virtualised Windows Server 2008 and Virtual Audio Device Support

    Hi all,

    I wish to run certain audio-based services in the cloud, so that they will have good connectivity, better uptime and stability than I can provide at my home, etc. For this, I would need to run the Virtual Audio Cable software application under Windows Server 2008. I attempted to do this on a Rackspace Cloud server (yes, I did enable the Windows Audio service first), but the virtual audio devices did not show up in Control Panel or the audio device list of any of the installed applications. After doing some Googling, I came to the conclusion that VAC will not run on VM's virtualised using XenServer, so Xen-based virtualisation is definitely out. I read on another forum that VAC runs nicely under VMware ESX, but it would seem that the VPS hosting market is void of companies offering ESX-based VM's.

    So, my question: does anyone know of Windows virtualisation solutions that are on offer by VPS companies with which VAC will play nicely? I don't have the money for a dedicated server, and even if I did, justifying the cost for these very custom usage scenarios would be close to impossible.

    I realise that what I am attempting to do isn't all that common, but am hoping somebody on here can help me out somewhere along the way.

    Thanks in advance,

    - James

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    What is your budget? Have you tried windows vps on Hyper-V platform? Hyper-V SSD VPS USA London Singapore
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    Quote Originally Posted by PremiumHost View Post
    What is your budget?
    I was hoping to get a little bit of information on what virtualisation technologies worked for my needs before I decided on what I was willing to pay. This is a personal project, just for experience and personal convenience rather than business.

    Quote Originally Posted by PremiumHost View Post
    Have you tried windows vps on Hyper-V platform?
    No - I would definitely be interested in doing so, however.

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