Energy Group Networks LLC - is offering the absolute lowest price of Premium bandwidth, cabinets and cross connects.

For any questions please contact [email protected] or call 888.808.8806

**The below super special plans are good for new customers or existing customers who would like to add these plans as an additional service only. no exceptions.

***The below specials are good to customers who place an order through April 24, 2011 on first come first served basis.

San Jose Data Center:

The Below cabinets are available for a LIMITED time at the offered special rates and can be ordered as new service for new customers or added as an additional service for existing customers.

55 S.Market ST, San Jose (SAS 70 TYPE II CERT):

- Full 42U Cabinet 20Amps + 100Mbps = $675/mo ($10/Mbit overage) + $500 setup.
- Full 42U Cabinet 20Amps + 1000Mbps = $1300/mo ($10/Mbit overage) + $500 setup

- Add additional 20 amps: $400/month + $300 setup fee.

** 29 IP addresses included

Single U colocation:

- 1U, 1Amp, 1Mbps: $70/mo + $65 setup
- 2U, 2amp, 10Mbps: $130/mo + $65 setup
- 3U, 3amps, 10Mbps: $150/mo + $65 setup
- Additional space, please contact [email protected]

** 5 IP addresses included

Cross Connects:

Fremont, San Jose, New York, Amsterdam(NIKHEF), Frankfurt, more US locations available at this rate. Please contact sales.

- 100Mbps Cross Connect: $200/month
- 1000Mbps over GigE Cross Connect: $700/month(location dependent)

** limited to one per customer

NIKHEF Amsterdam:

For pricing on colocation in the Amsterdam internet exchange (NIKHEF) please contact [email protected] or call 888.808.8806.
Bandwidth rates start at $12/Mbps on low commits and as low as $1/Mbps on high bandwidth commits!

Attention HE.NET Customers FMT I / FMT II:

FMT1/FMT2/SJC-55 customer, if you need backup transit from your racks or cabinets. We can offer you BGP bandwidth in all of these locations for backup or primary connections. Commits starting @ 50Mbps.

To order or for questions please email [email protected] or call 888.808.8806 and reference this Special.

* Specials are subjected to availability