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    We have a new server but all is going into spam, solutions?

    Hello again,

    Thank you for the advice last time. Now we decided to opt for a dedicated server. I have setup the emails and all is working, however, alot of our emails to providers like Gmail etc are going into spam.

    Is there anyway we can avoid this?

    Thanx in advance

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    If its a fully managed dedicated server then you should ask for your server provider itself , they should fix this issues for you.
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    Create an SPF on your domain, this should hopefully correct your issues

    Are you sending a lot of links or adding images to your e-mails that you are sending to GMAIL because this could also cause such a problem (ie; mail going to junk).
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    If you are sending too many links then it could be considered as spam, but if you are not then you need to contact you host provider for this.

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    Make sure you have a valid rDNS, create an spf record, and DK/DKIM signing.

    While the DKIM *may* not be necessary, in my experience so far, hotmail and yahoo wouldn't inbox for unsigned messages (I only use DKIM, not DK) Also, use ntpd on the server to avoid DKIM failures due to timestamp.

    As eNetCloud said, if your fully managed, your provider can probably help you out.

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    You need to setup SPF, Domain Keys and use correct hostname for rDNS. If still no good, ask your provider.

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