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    Issues with eNom and .CA domain registration

    For the past 3 days we've been trying to figure out why our .ca domains are not getting through eNom process.

    We even tried using the eNom own control panel directly from their site and it continues to fail with error "Registry Failure" !!!

    Typical of eNom, their support is below grade quality. Absolutely disastrous. Since the time the ticket has opened, they've only responded once asking for order numbers. Immediately we gave them these info. and since then silence!!

    Many of our clients are waiting, patiently if I may add; but eNom is taking their time.

    I'd highly discourage any resellers from using eNom service. It might look good with some features, but their lack of any useful support, the slow interface and bombardment with ads is a reason to go somewhere else.

    Hopefully, we'll switch soon. They are not worth the headache.
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    I don't whats wrong with eNom. I think you should contact one their executives on phone or via email.

    Maybe they are having some issues ? - Global Hosting Solutions
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    Maybe an issue with the registrar API | HostGamma Europe | HostGamma Asia
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    Quote Originally Posted by cycomholdings View Post
    Maybe an issue with the registrar API
    I do not think CIRA would have an issue with their system for 3 days and not fix it. They must register thousands of names a day. While eNom on the other hand seems neglecting their responsibilities to provide adequate service. Until now I didn't even hear back from their support staff.
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