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    Problem with my website


    I have a problem with my menu flash in my website.

    As the image shows that when the services open the form below it is present.But ,when it closes and anybody tries to click on the form then he or she cannot do it only around the area of the flash.

    I am waiting for the problem to be solved asap.

    Penguin Websoft
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    Is there anybody to solve this problem?

    Penguin Websoft

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    If you will share coding of problematic part then we can better help you.

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    Have you seen the problem in the website?

    I can provide you the flash part to solve it.

    Let me know asap.

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    Hi All

    Still waiting to get it solved.


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    What about your menu flash?
    I think you can provide the code here and someone will help you solve your problom!
    Good Luck!

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    I would like get the email address of the guys who wish to solve this problem.

    I donot want to give the download link here.

    Penguin Websoft

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    how about if you pay somebody to fix it, rather than bumping your own topic 4 times?!?!

    the problem is: you cannot code.
    hi there!

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