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    Small file hosting operation

    Yet another one of these threads. You guys must get tired of it, but humor me this once.

    I am looking for a host for a small private file hosting site that will be used for personal use for hosting some fairly good sized files, but will likely not be downloaded by many. I'm not looking for a dedi because I don't quite think I need that kind of operation yet, however if I do I will upgrade.

    The whole idea of this rather than maybe just buying a premium membership for something like megaupload is I want some control over things since I will not be the only one using it. Though I don't expect megaupload levels of use.

    For anyone wanting to know it will be for a linux distro as I am a linux developer. As well some personal file sharing with friends family etc without making them go to some shady download sites with pop ups all over the place.

    Sorry for the text wall and ask if you need more info.

    Short version: I'm asking what kind of hosting plan would be suited for small private file hosting use that is not a dedi, I don't need that kind of power quite yet.

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    Dropbox maybe?

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    I would suggest that you develop your own script and find a good shared or semi-dedicated web hosting company and put it up there. Of course after asking the host - since some hosts might allow it, and some might not allow it. Good luck.
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    Since you're a linux dev, why not opt for an inexpensive unmanaged VPS? I don't normally recommend unmanaged VPS for someone who has never used linux before. But I think you fall into the "expert" category in this case.

    Most VPS come with a selection of OS you can install. For a quick front-end, you could install Wordpress in httpdocs and allow only registered users to download your file. You would control the registration, of course. It would be a VPS with only one domain on it.

    I had an unmanaged VPS at (less than $6 a month) with 20Gb of disk space. It worked fine. I have a VPS currently at (another 20GB disk plan) that is $4 a month. I have mixed feelings about Directspace based on what I read, and the fact that they had some rather alarming warnings when you submitted a ticket .... they had three checkboxes that you had read the knowledge base, and agreed to a support fee if the answer was in there ... but I notice they have eliminated those. But even with those reservations, I haven't had much trouble on the node I'm on.

    I don't know how much space you need for your distro, but I'm assuming at some point you'll use a public repository like Google Code for it, right?

    The problem with many of the shared web hosting plans is that they will limit uploads and downloads to 2 to 6MB, limit the largest size file you can have on disk, etc. Having control over the file size limits with a VPS would eliminate that.

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