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    Hostname in SMTP greeting

    So I'm one of those weird people that can run a webserver with the best of them, but chokes on DNS issues. I've just never concerned myself much with that side of it, so for the purposes of this particular problem, feel free to talk to me like a child. I'd appreciate the help either way

    I'm using to try to perfect my server. Here's what I'm getting:

    The configuration of your mail servers and your DNS are not ok! The report of the test is: -> -> main.ip.of.server -> -> -> main.ip.of.server ->
    Spam recognition software and RFC821 4.3 (also RFC2821 4.3.1) state that the hostname given in the SMTP greeting MUST have an A record pointing back to the same server.
    (edited out domain, not exactly thrilled for it to be seen in it's current state)

    While I can almost wrap my head around what it's saying, I can't seem to wrap my head around what I need to do. My domain is registered at GoDaddy, pointing to my VPS. So I'm editing half my information in WHM and half at good old GoDaddy, and my brain just isn't processing this well today. Would anyone be kind enough to offer me some advice?

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    Unless you have some strange mailserver configuration, the hostname given in the SMTP greeting will be the hostname of your server (, presumably). You can see the greeting for yourself using "telnet 25" at a shell prompt (even in Windoze, IIRC).

    So I guess what it's saying is that you don't have an A record for "server" in your DNS zone for WHM -> DNS functions -> Edit zone file and add the new A record.

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    It sounds like you need a PTR record (reverse DNS) for your hostname. Adding reverse DNS should fix your issue.

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    Thanks for the help! Turns out I was doing the rDNS wrong, and on top of that is clearly bugged.

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    in general, when dealing with mail-related systems, make sure the hostname used during SMTP resolves directly to an IP address (A record as opposed to a CNAME) and that IP address resolves back to the same hostname (you might need to contact your datacenter/hosting provider for this).

    Also a general mail-related suggestion is that has an MX record pointing to and is again an A record pointing to an IP address and is not a CNAME.
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