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    Security and hardening Dedicated server

    Please , I have Dedicated Centos Server and I installed openvz and hypervm for creating VPSs and I want to make that dedicated server very secure

    How can I do that even if points only not details but details are also welcommed.

    Thank you

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    Your first step would be to install a firewall. I would recommend CSF for HyperVM, they work well together:

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    Yes I did that and I hope more procedurs for securing that server

    Thank you for you subscription and posting

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    If this is going to be a production server where you will host clients, I would hire someone to properly do this work. Several companies post on WHT that have experience doing this type of work professionally at reasonable prices.
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    If any one wants to teach how to protect and secure dedicated server will all secrets against money, I have no problem

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    and if any someone can help, I appreciate

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