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    DNS problem. but simple

    Hello Everyone,

    I have purchased a domain name last night as well as a vps.

    The vps is with and the domain is with

    I contacted to see what there name servers where and they said they dont have any and that I would have to register my own.

    I tried it and I messed it up somehow and now I am completely stuck. I have the two IP addresses that point to the vps that go to my site, but I'm trying to make it so my domain name points to the IP addresses, so when people go to my site it'll work.

    I've always been not so good with DNS....

    my site is and you can check out whats going on with the DNS at

    It shows you everything but I just don't get it . Any help would be great !

    Thanks !

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    Firstly you'd need to register your name servers at your domain registrar. You should find this in your domain control panel.

    Then you need to configure the NS on your VPS. Are you using any control panel? If not did you already choose and installed a DNS server?

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    Yes, I did register my name server with my domain registrar. And no I have no CP on my VPS, also I dont think i installed a DNS server on it. Do you know any good free CP's that i could do this on at all ?

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    It looks like you just pointed the nameservers to your VPS IP addresses. That will not work unless you have BIND or some other form of DNS service running on your VPS.

    If you know how to install and configure BIND and DNS Zone files, then you may wish to do that. If you don't know how to do that, your only option is to go with some sort of nameserver DNS service like DynDNS offers.

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    Ok I'm going to install Webmin and see what I can do. They support BIND or have some sort of DNS service right ?

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    I'm trying to get BIND configured with webmin but I have no idea I keep messing up. If i gave someone the URL to my webmin panel could they set it up for me if I gave them the information ? I know its quick and easy, but I just cant do it.

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    For setting, the best option is to go with online support of your service provider. Because they have access to your account and they can guide you accordingly.

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