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    Exclamation Pro needed to make a PhpBB modification

    Hi all,
    a forum (working uder phpbb) plans to buy a modification witch firstly would contain:

    The site want to know how much are users earning each month and if we add up these personal earnings we can get the sites earning too.
    To count these earning we need:
    an image uploader
    o where the users (beside uploading image) must give informations about the earning (like site where they won the money, the quantity of money what they had won ect..)
    after this an interface where moderators can check if the uploaded data is correct (they watch the image and the given data) and they could accept it or refuse it.
    after being certified the amount gets added to the users monthly earnings automatically, and gets displayed int he users profile and near each of his posts
    at the end of the month personal monthly earnigs are added to personal yearly earning an to site yearly earning automatically (which would be displayed in the header)
    and finally a gallery with uploaded pictures and data of them.

    Firstly these are the requirements to do, and if you do a good job, we have other plans too...

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    We can do it for you.I cannot PM you here.

    Email me the details to penguinwebsoft[at]gmail[dot]com

    Penguin Websoft

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