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Thread: SEO Practice

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    SEO Practice

    which seo practice you prefer most please vote state the reason behind your liking it

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    I dont think there is one "prefered" seo practice in relation to backlinks. you need to mix it up a bit ann not stick to just one

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    They are all useful, especially when it comes to generating traffic rather than building solid one way links for websites and domains. Personally I would say that the first and fourth options are still very powerful when it comes to building traffic shares and leads for websites using free methods and doing the jobs fairly quickly. A submitted article to a few directories or social bookmarking portals could be found and seen by a lot of bloggers and net readers.

    The second and third items can be useful in terms of gradually increasing links counts of sites and in most niches, there are several such sites to find and use online. If links or comments come from pages which are closely related to your website, the effects of those gained links would even get intensified since relevancy issues are playing big roles today online. Experts are usually using these and several other methods on a constant basis.

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    ok guys thanx for your but i just i want to know which you prefer best in all of the above listed practice as one of the most effective practice

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    I voted for forum posting, anyway you can't say that one method is better than other. For good seo you should use all of them.

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    which seo works for traffic

    I would say
    Forum Commenting
    Mainly because of the traffic
    that the forum which you post in gets..
    Next would be a Close secnd in Facebook Fan page..

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    surprise that forum posting become the best. Anywhere i choose blog comment.
    Can i know that the backlink is permanent or it calculate by monthly?
    I been try to get backlink from social media but when i check i get none from it. what the problem with it ? Is it nofollow link?

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