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    greengeeks review


    since i dont see much about greengeeks review.. i want to start one..

    i used their service for about 1 year.. just terminated few days ago..

    when i sign up in april 2010, everything was good.. the load is just low.. i can recall it was about < 2.
    the number of users in the server about 800++..

    as of april 2011, the number of user is about 1100++.. im not sure about the increasing users.. but i can recall correctly that when sitecloud announced that their system is having problem, i can start seeing the number of users on the server is incresaing.. the load is just high.. > 5 on daily ...

    when they started their vps service on year end 2010, they always like to push me to their vps...
    early january i hesitantly signed up their vps service to test their vps..

    to my shock, i thought i purchase the fully managed service.. what they did just install the cpanel/whm for me and i have to set my own.. i had no idea at all.. i asked the live chat, they kept asking me to write an email which really frustated me.

    the thing i dont like: you know when you had vps and you turned on the alert when the root login, you would receive the email of the ip address right ? i saw when they login to my vps and i received the alert, i saw that the log is coming from india(from bharti isp).
    i confront the livechat and he insisted that he located in north america..

    strange ah... in fact, i just dont believe and i believe the alert log that i received.

    i asked for the 30days refund, i got it back.. but the license for WHM/Cpanel which cost 10 bucks was not refunded.. i ask why.. they just said that they money goes to WHM and not them.. their TOC never stated the refund will minus off the WHM.. im just pretty sad again.. feel cheated.. i suggested to them to write that the refund will not cover the WHM license fee, but i havent seen them updating the web with this 'new' TOC>

    that really makes me think twice to continue again with them..

    the day before i left, i check that lfd service is failed for more than 1 week, and i guess they didnt notice it...

    overall, im happy to have someone in the livechat 24/7..

    i rate the cust service as 8/10
    server performance : 6/10
    value for money: 7/10

    NB: on my last day, i was writting the email to them, asking that if Trey would be so nice to reply my email to say goodbye, but they staff just replied me.. not Trey.. im just sad .

    wish the best to greengeeks
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    I could have seen this coming. I had a few websites hosted with SiteCloud (same company) and every time the server was down and/or unresponsive (at least an hour a day, more on somedays) the support denied anything was happening. This went on for a month or two. Then, everything caught up to then and they finally figured out something wasn't right... when their servers were down for 3 days.

    I waited 2 months after this to see if anything improved after this incident, and it didn't.

    There was one thing I do like about them and their company. I emailed Trey directly and asked for a refund. He responded promptly and we talked it out. I was way out of the 30 day refund period, but because I never experienced 99.9% uptime and he understood my situation, he gave me full 100% refund. I then sent him a list of suggestions to improve their services and I left for MDD.

    Now that SiteCloud has folded, hopefully GreenGeeks will improve down the road. Stop overselling!
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    well, nice to you..
    i emailed Trey and never got reply from him..

    guess he just sorted me out coz i always send lots of email to support to complain about the servers.
    like you said, they always said everything was fine but im not sure if they really do..
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    I think they're busy migrating sitecloud business to greengeeks system currently.

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    even if they are atleast they should reply to teir clients politely and with full information.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lincxu View Post
    I think they're busy migrating sitecloud business to greengeeks system currently.

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