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    58 - Seeking Co-Owner

    This has been re-opened as the person I found backed out at the last moment. Please reply if interested - Seeking Co-Owner

    I am starting a new web hosting company in the near future. I am will be taking on this venture on my own but would prefer to take on a partner to help share the costs and expenses as minimal as they will be.

    * Must be atleast 16 years of age (Older Preferred)
    * Must be mature
    * Must be willing to share expenses
    * Must have Excellent Communication Skills
    * Must be willing to use Live Chat
    * Must have strong sales and support skills


    Credentials/Referances may be requested as to past experience.

    We are starting small and will grow as our profits allow. Profit and Expense details will only be shared upon contact.

    Contact me directly via the following methods:
    * Email: [email protected]
    * GTalk: [email protected]
    * Windows Live: [email protected]
    * Skype: MarkDLaViolette

    Hog WIld, There Is No Better Hosting!

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