Hello everyone. With just two weeks to go in this semester I'm ready to start taking on a full load of work again. I've been relatively quiet over the last few months and I'd really like for that to change.

Since November I have been busy overhauling my entire universities website -- a project that has included a complete redesign, custom mobile theme, and a full port over to Wordpress. Needless to say I'm capable of handling projects of all sizes.

Please take a look at my portfolio at http://www.astereostudio.com and shoot me an email if you are interested in any of my services. I am not the most inexpensive designer/developer you may find, but I have been doing this for a long time and I'm a college student who needs to pay the bills somehow.

I also have a few leftover items I'm trying to get rid of. If you can help me out please feel free to take a look.