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    XEN Migration to OpenVZ


    We are currently running xen vps using a control panel that only allow vps creation using LVM partitions and XEN templates. Here is what install this control panel : lighttpd, xen hypervisor and the web based control panel itself...

    I would like to switch to HyperVM.. do you think it should be possible for me to just create a new VPS using HyperVM and then extract, inside that VPS, the .tar.gz archive backup coming from the old control panel? How can i migrate a vps from a third party control panel into HyperVM

    Second question : since my current control panel is web based... do you think it should be possible to install HyperVM without doing a fresh install?

    Third question : does HyperVM is hard to install / manage? Do i need to know a lot about xen stuff to manage vps through HyperVM or if all i need is to install it and then add my ip's?
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    Why not keep Xen and use HyperVM to manage it?

    If you are going from Xen > OpenVZ you need to make a few changes to the OS for it to work under OpenVZ properly.
    A) You have no loop devices
    B) You wont have any control over partitions
    C) You cant load any kernel modules

    I reccomend removing your old control panel, installing HyperVM and importing your VPS.

    That said I would reccomend SolusVM instead, HyperVM is poorly coded and contains insecure, old code.

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    It is not recommended to convert Xen base VPS to OpenVZ as it is almost impossible.
    However, this still workable but you need to resetting most of the parameters. :: Cloud Hosting Reliable Xen VPS :: Serving Customer From More Than 40 Countries.
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