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    [UK] 50% OF ALL PLANS! 100GB for ONLY 10/month! FTP/rsync/SCP

    Hi folks,

    Tired of slow and long backup routines to US locations?

    Say hello to your new UK backup provider


    10GB @ 5/month - 2.50/month with promo code ILOVEWHT
    20GB @ 10/month - 5.00/month with promo code ILOVEWHT
    50GB @ 15/month - 7.50/month with promo code ILOVEWHT
    100GB @ 20/month - 10.00/month with promo code ILOVEWHT
    500GB @ 75/month - 37.50/month with promo code ILOVEWHT
    1TB @ 100/month - 50.00/month with promo code ILOVEWHT
    2TB @ 150/month - 75.00/month with promo code ILOVEWHT


    * Please note that this storage is for storing backups only. Fair bandwidth usage of 3 x storage quota applies.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.

    All servers are located at the BlueSquare DC, Maidenhead, Berkshire.
    All servers will be deployed within a maximum time period of 72 hours unless stated otherwise.
    All servers are 100% self-managed by default.
    All servers come with CentOS 5.x installed by default.
    All prices quoted are monthly by default.
    All prices exclude VAT. UK/EU customers will have VAT added @ 20%
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    OSHS Ltd
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