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    Looking for help with cloud hosting. large storage + win 2k8 cloud hosting?

    I am looking for reliable hosting but I am not sure whether to go with Cloud or Dedicated. We are creating second hand car market website, we expect quite a lot of items to be published using our site (200.000+). Therefore we might need quite a lot of storage (250gb+), a lot of DB reading/writing.

    I was considering something like Elastichosts, Rackspacecloud, SigmaCloud and simillar. Question is whether I should go with Cloud or Dedicated and if Cloud which one you would recommend and what might be possible problems.

    Thank you.

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    Cloud will provide you a lot of benefits up and above Dedicated, especially with a new site where you do not know exactly what your resource requirements are.

    Windows hosting on the Cloud is a little more tricky due to a variety of things, most notably the fact that Windows requires good paravirtualization drivers to run well.

    Check with your potential hosts and ask them about the load, IO, and growth they can handle with a Windows server. You could even ask them which PV drivers they use. If they use the GPL drivers, stay far far away.

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    Is Xen Server bad solution for Win 2k8? Should I stick to VMWare providers?


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    Xen vs VMWare ESX as a hypervisor is debatable for Windows, as there are other things to consider as far as the backend. It's kind of like comparing cars based on the tires that are on it.

    There are good ways to do it on Xen, and bad ways (a big part of it is the paravirtualization drivers on Xen). Also the most notable problems on Xen are with very large scale servers.

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    yeah if someone come to me asking what to use for 130+ Windows Server VMs, the answer would definitely be VMWare. And I'm a convinced Xen user since 2004/2005.
    You can't beat VMWare's provenness, 100s of scalability issues are solved there that I havent even seen yet.
    (just the same for Xen vs. KVM hehe)
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