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    Lightbulb Portable Hard-Drive will not show

    Portable Hard-Drive will not show?
    Hi, I have a 500 GB portable Hard drive. It was working for awhile, but now it does not show up in my computer. It runs for a while, vibrates and says it is installing. After waiting an amount of time, it never shows up in my computer, nor do I get any opportunity to open it.

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    had this a few times with my laptop and using customers hard drives.

    this is what I did to fix it.

    disconnect the drive from computer.

    go to device manager.

    right click all usb devices and click uninstall.

    close device manager

    re open device manager.

    all your usb ports will re install them selfs wait until this is done can take a while.

    then plug drive back in. should now work.

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    uninstall and then installing again will surely help you if not then you have to format your computer.

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