Hello WHT;

Just so everyone is aware, We today moved our webserver that caused a little bit more issue then we originally wanted or planned for to happen.

There was a need for us to change to a new web server / machine for us because of a problem we were having with our older server that is still online and still operational and will not be taken down, This was just a problem with the setup of how our domain and everything associated with it was setup and needed to be setup.

Today at 12:00PM EST (U.S & Canada) we transferred our whole site over to our new server, and set everything back up while having everything updated there was a little issue where our e-mails we were getting clients were having troubles due to the pipe failing when they where trying to send in support requests or sales inquiry's, well we have currently been aware of this and setup a off-site e-mail until this is resolved (It's now just a DNS Issue) and we are awaiting for the DNS to be updated (Globally) which will be updated for users/clients/supporters/friends/employees to view the website/domain/urls on the new server instead of being directed at the older server...

You can check this as the new site will have a new live help system (WHMCS - Live Help Add-on) on the front page which the other site did not have, once you see this you should be fine and everything should be normal for you.

We have setup a 'notice' page on the old web-server for clients that have the old DNS still and/or cache.

If you need to contact us and are having this trouble, or anything please either shoot me a PM (Private Message) here, or e-mail us at [email protected] (this is a temp e-mail and once everything is completed and our time-frame is done (48 hours) we will be just having that e-mail redirect to Customer Care department in our client area; so at this moment if you have any problems/concerns/questions please shoot us any questions to the two methods i provided.

You can also connect to our IRC Community for more Live Updates;

Web Chat: http://www.thefusionnet.com/chat/fusionnet.html (This will still work as it's still setup on both servers!) If this does not work for you, you can always connect to our servers by coming directly to /server chat.thefusionnet.com -j #FusionNET

I'm sorry for these troubles; I do want to inform everyone that no clients information was lost, no data was lost, and no clients servers were effected (Shared Hosting, Virtual Machines, Client Area, and/or information for your service(s)).

Any client that was effected will be provided 50% credit for their upcoming invoice; as no client should be effected.

I will also update here once everything should be fine/normal.

Status: It's currently working for me, and everything is updated we are currently awaiting the full DNS change and fixing the PIPE system within WHMCS to fix the e-mail issue.

Thank you,

Note: All clients will be e-mailed about this also (again) once this is fully taken care of and fixed. Please note this will not be done again without the proper actions taken to ensure that nothing is lost. We did not believe we would have this problem as the server was setup and ready prior to the transfer but the DNS issue caused a problem.

The New NameServers:

Thank you,
TheFusionNET Team.