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    3 down ?

    Can't seem to reach the main site or the VPS control panel for the last hour or so.

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    We had a VPS node crash it was down for 5-10 minutes in total. VPS servers had to have their quotas rebuilt due to an improper shut down.

    Dependent on the size of your VPS this time may have varied. Everything has been restored.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

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    There you go, whenever you have a trouble like this it's always best to contact them via there support methods to find out more information so you are not awaiting or worried about your service.

    As in the rep of gothost just replied, they have a telephone number your able to call

    We had a issue with our DNS/WebServer changed this afternoon and a few of our needed client services were not accessible, this is not a normal practice but it happens when thing's don't go as planned.

    It seems they fixed everything for you.

    Kudos gothost1

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