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    Storage space webhosts?

    I'm looking for some off site backups. Anyone know where I can get 100GB offsite FTP/SSH backup?
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  2. #2 best on the web.
    Anthony Torreso
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    +1 for been using them for sometime now without any issues, quality service.
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  4. #4, - both are excellent.

    Stay away from - I've had some unpleasant experiences with them.

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    I'M using and it's really good.

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    A vote for webbycart here. Been using the since we moved to Futurehosting, it's perfect. FTP access, Rsync backups and cheap as dirt. - they even helpd me setup the Rsync script!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tech-master View Post
    I'M using and it's really good.
    Not my experience at all.

    If waiting one week for a support ticket to be unsatisfactorily responded to, then waiting another week for a cancellation notice to be acted upon (and still waiting) is very good service, then you are correct.

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