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    Thumbs up I need a step by step tutorial for nginx+mysql+php(fpm patch)+apc - (paypal payment)


    I got many tutorials about installing on a dedicated server from Google Nginx+Mysql(innodb support)+Php(fpm patch)+Apc but when i try them i can't get the php work well....

    Also i want to use sources and not repos so it will be also easy to update to new versions and get always fast the latest versions.

    So i need a step by step (every command that you will use on the server even for updating something or install any dependencies or editing any file or configured anything) on plain txt file using something like this:

    yum install gcc pcre pcre-devel zlib-devel openssl-devel libjpeg-devel libpng-devel libmcrypt libmcrypt-devel libxml2-devel curl-devel

    mkdir ~/sources

    cd ~/sources/


    tar -zxvf nginx-0.8.54.tar.gz

    cd nginx-0.8.54/

    ./configure --sbin-path=/usr/local/sbin


    bla bla bla

    So it will be very easy to use

    So i need the following (installing them in the order that you think is better):

    1)INSTALL Centos/Programs dependencies
    2)INSTALL Nginx (plus after restarting the server auto start script)
    3)INSTALL Mysql (configured to work with php and auto start script after restarting the server + info on how to create a new database)
    4)Install php+fpm patch
    5)Install Apc cache system
    6)Security tips for this enviroment and software that we use.
    7)Anything you think that i must know about this environment that will help me in the future or if you think that is better to do something from the above in another way
    8)Your opinion if it is a good solution for hosting a huge forum.

    Post here or send me a pm if you can do it (i will provide you a root username and password for test on a server) and after you finish with the tutorial i will format the server and try it myself

    And don't forget to let me know how much do you want for this tutorial.

    I will pay using Paypal

    Please if you do this for first time do not reply as i need a professional approach for that.

    Thank you
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    I think google can help you for free
    Simplest way to host your website

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    Yes i know but i do not have much time to research

    I was test already a tutorial but it was not working and i do not have time to troubleshoot ....

    I will wait for more offers for 1-2 days and then i will give the job
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    I can help you. I was wrote this manual in russian and can translate to english. Safe your time&money.
    Connect me via Skype: andrey_rogovsky

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