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    Multi-use server: where to host?

    So a few friends and I want to go from hosting random websites and other services from our home connections to having a server we share

    Could someone recommend where we start looking or even a specific host for these various different criteria?

    Minimum Required:
    Hosting for multiple websites (expected low traffic)
    MySQL databases
    Various web technologies (python, php, etc.)
    SSH access

    Other uses:
    SVN or other code host
    FTP for personal use
    Teamspeak server
    VPN for personal use
    x11 forwarding of unix apps
    Minecraft or other game server?
    Private Torrents? (not required at all, just wondering)

    Ideal location: LA

    More space would be ideal - I have not been happy with most VPS's I've seen mostly because they have very limited storage
    We'd like to be able to share files among ourselves - so the more space the better

    Thanks for any help, and I hope I was clear!

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    I'd check out or

    Especially IOFlood, as they have Xen VPSs, and Xen would be a lot better for Minecraft than OpenVZ. ClubUptime actually prohibits Minecraft on their OpenVZ servers.

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