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    RapidSSL from CheapSSLs & Installation

    I'm thinking of purchasing a RapidSSL cert from CheapSSLs since their price is lucrative (and not to mention that they are NameCheap division).

    Another provider (with slightly higher price) offers RapidSSL cert that secures both and with single certificate.

    Does anyone know if the RapidSSL cert from CheapSSLs does the same or not?

    Another question:
    My hosting server uses cPanel and there is SSL/TLS Manager in it.
    Can I do the whole process (generating key & CSR then install the cert) myself without involving the server admin ? I am on user level/no access to WHM.
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    RapidSSL secures your domain with and without the www.

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    Hey, Tristar
    here's the deal about all RapidSSL Certs regardless of who sells it:

    If RapidSSL is issued for domain[dot]com it will secure domain[dot]com only.
    If it is issued for www[dot]domain[dot]com it will work for both domain[dot]com and www[dot]domain[dot]com.

    There is another even cheaper type of SSL – Comodo PostiveSSL. PositiveSSL will work for both www and domain[dot]com unless it was issued for a subdomain[dot]domain[dot]com.

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