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Thread: Um, wow

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    Um, wow

    Someone mentioned this in a different forum:

    Talk about one-click-and-you're-an-instant-reseller...

    Their VBS prices are rather out of line, though.

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    Oct 2010
    Wow just wow, that guy looks so reliable haha. (No irony) If I haven't already start building my Business I would give this a try! There has to be a catch though? Right?

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    Yes, it is the best web host for reselling business. Its price is also very cheap as compare to other reselling companies. However technical support, downtime also does matter.

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    Well it sounds to good to be true, which in all cases always ends up in "Yep it were to good to be true"

    Besides with them doing everything, there's no fun innit to be honest, this sounds like something someone would use when they are bored as hell, and just want to earn some bucks to go to the pub

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