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    Cpanel and parked domains


    I have a question regarding Cpanel and parked domains, perhaps someone can help me.

    If I understand well, the purpose of parked domains is to point to a main site's frontpage.

    My problem is that .htaccess can be used to turn a parked domain to an addon domain with mod_redirect and stuff.

    Isn't this a big problem for many of you? Is there any way to disable the use of .htaccess for parked domains to make sure that clients don't "cheat"?
    Of course I mean an elegant, non manual way :-)

    Cpanel guys tell me to disable AllowOverride globaly, but obviously that is not what I have in mind, since .htaccess should work for normal domains, but it shouldn't for parked domains.


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    So, you just don't want people to be able to host other domains on their account (i.e. no add-on domains)? I'd just turn them off and not worry a terrible lot about it personally. People are more likely to find a provider that will simply give them an account with add-on domains than to go out of their way to manipulate your account limits.
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    Cpanel and parked domains

    Hi Mike!

    Addon domains are fine and parked domains are fine too.
    What I am talking about is that if I let them park 10 domains just for SEO purposes that should point on their main site's URL, then they should not be able to redirect the parked domain's URL to another dir.
    If they are able, then it is almost like an addon domain, which they surely would need to pay for if I let them put an addon domain to their account.
    For parked domains they might not need to pay, because why not have more entries to the same site.

    I hope it's clear now what I would like :-) Am I thinking something wrong?

    All I would need is to disable .htaccess for parked domains, or perhaps create automatically a 301 redirect to the main site, so the people could do nothing extra with it. The redirect would be the best.

    Thanks in advance!


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    I have a bad experience about parking a domain for domain mapping/creating network sites. Something happened with the sites and when we contact our host' support, he said that it's because of the changes made on .htaccess. That;s the reason why we no longer do parking of domains but addon domains work great.

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