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    Strategically choosing a datacenter

    I'm trying to identify a datacenter on US west coast that would be right at the end of the backbone crossing the pacific.

    I'm having a real hardtime to get information about the existing network route across the pacific.
    Geographically speaking Seattle would seem to be a good place.

    I'm looking for hosting provider using a datacenter in US that is a close as possible from Asia.
    I'm wondering how many routes there are crossing from HongKong, taiwan, China, Japan?
    Are they all using a unique backbone?

    Anyone know how to get information on the physical network route?


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    I would check out and get a traceroute to your foreign ip. Also in LA they have peering exchanges that go over the pacific more specifically AS40633 LOS ANGELES INTERNET EXCHANGE which also peers with voxel.
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    Check out This Beautiful Map of the Internet

    Hosting provider Peer1 decided to get all geeky ahead of South by Southwest and created what itís calling the Map of the Internet. Unlike cute maps showing web sites or personal viewpoints, this map illustrates what ISP is connected to what Internet Exchange or university network across a vast array of networks stretching around the world.

    Though this isn't exactly what you are looking for I think it's a great chart to have access to in general.

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    Check out .

    They have optimized asia ip.
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    You want something located in Los Angeles or Seattle, with carriers such as PCCW, HE, NTT, GBLX, Level3, and preferably lots of Asian peering such as thru ANY2.

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    There are a number of undersea cables going across the pacific. Most terminate in either Los Angeles or Seattle, although if memory serves, a few terminate in the silicon valley region.

    If you need to be really specific, you'll want to figure out what geographies and carriers you want to connect to, and see which hosting providers interconnect with those carriers directly, and also see where those carrier's cables land.

    If you want to know more than you'd ever thought necessary about overseas fiber cables, I suggest browsing
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    The quick question is what are you specifically looking to accomplish? Cable systems land at various points on the west coast. Data centers aren't at the landing centers, so the cables often run from the landing stations to Seattle (usually Westin), San Jose (usually 11 GO) and LA (usually OWB). If you are looking to be on a specific cable to a specific destination, then you can find where the cable lands and what's the "closest" data center. Some cable systems are redundant so land at two locations as part of a loop. Others (e.g. TPE) are "linear" cables and have only one landing point.

    So know where you want to end up in Asia, which cable you want, which leg of the cable (if redundant) you need as your primary path, and then which data center is "closest".

    Wikipedia has information on each cable system.
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    It's certainly important to look for a DC that has multiple providers, but another important consideration is the network of peering relationships. Direct peering gains you more access to the regions you want, while also diversifying your risk in case a few providers have issues in the future.

    Those cities should all offer great options... good luck!

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    A friend works for a company hosted in One Wilshire and he said a many good things about the facility. I have a test account on his company's servers, however I do not know which IP bandwidth providers his company uses?
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