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    Best Server Processor

    I'm building a server. What Processor is the best for the money? I see a 3.06Ghz Xeon W3550 for around $315 and I see a Xeon W5580 3.06Ghz for $1660. Is there some reason that is not obvious to me as to why the 5580 is a million times more expensive than the 3550? Is there some kind of hidden factor? I'm sure the more expensive one runs cooler or something but really?? For more than 1k more?

    Is there any reason not to buy AMD? I can get a Opteron 4184 2.8Ghz 6 core for the same cost as an xeon 4 core 3.06Ghz.

    What server offers the best power for the money? My budget is around $300 per processor and I will be running 2.

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    Check this website:
    It may help you in your choice a little bit.

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    I would go for the Xeon 1230 at this moment (sandy bridge).
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    5580 supports multi processor systems while the 3550 doesn't. So if you want to make a dual CPU machine you'll need to buy the 5580. The naming convention seems to be such that 5xxx chips support dual cpus while 3xxx chips don't.

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    At that budget I would recommend 2 Xeon 55xx's. We use them on some of our servers and they are very powerful.

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