My name is Andy, I'm an experienced PHP developer looking to take a little extra work on to earn some more money. I've got several years worth of experience in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and so on. I also write articles on PHP in my blog (you can visit that for examples of the code I write). At the moment I'm working for the ClubUptime Group and have developed experience in creating custom panels for hosting companies. Here's a short list of the things I've been working on recently:

1. WHMCS Integrations
2. Wordpress Integrations
3. SolusVM API development
4. WHMCS API development

As I'm doing this for a sideline I'm willing to work at a rate of $12 per hour for small, quick projects. I'm also willing to answer support tickets for the right rate per ticket.

Please send a PM with your project information and a contact e-mail if you're interested. Please also have MSN.