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    Big partition (30TB)

    Hello WHT,

    We are going to expand our storage (for backups purposes) and I was wondering what would you guys choose between RAID5, RAID10 and RAID60 ? Total disk space would be 30TB (about 15x2TB hard drives).

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    RAID10 is best, but it's overkill for backup purpose. I would go with RAID60.
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    If you are using this for backups, I would assume you don't need top notch performance out of it. RAID 60 seems like it would be the best protection and best drive usage. I'm not an expert on this stuff though...

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    Largely depends on the I/O requirements and how much usable space you need. I wouldn't use RAID-5 though.

    RAID-10 will give you ~15TB (best performance) and RAID-60 ~22TB. RAID-60 will have more overhead and suffer a bit comparatively on writes, but (arguably) better redundancy. With either, I'd do a hot spare if possible or at minimum have one on site and ready to go.

    Will really come down to space and performance requirements.
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    Umm I would probably stick with Raid6 and have a hot spare to give you 12 disks data, 2 parity and 1 hot spare for 24TB of space.

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    Raid 6 for sure.

    Use XFS or Ext4 depending on your OS.
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    I recommend raid6 too and split it by 15TB.

    We have 24 x 2TB and configured it as dual raid6.

    Don't forget to use BBU.
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    Is there any reason that you want to use RAID60 instead of RAID6? RAID60 is going to waste more usable space. We use RAID6 with 16-drive sets, and it works very well. It provides about 25TB of usable space for the filesystem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by net View Post
    I recommend raid6 too and split it by 15TB.

    We have 24 x 2TB and configured it as dual raid6.

    Don't forget to use BBU.
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    Err but this question was about 15 disks not 24. If you reserve one for a hot spare that leaves 14 which is still reasonable for Raid 6.

    If this is still a concern you could split them into 2 Raid 6 sets (5 + 2 parity) and join them with stripe or even just make one logical volume with LVM but you will burn 20% of the space (down to 20TB from 24TB)


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