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    We are stating to push the limits of our firewalls throughput (cisco asa 5520's) and are looking for something that can handle 1+Gig throughput. The easy answer is to upgrade to a ASA 5550's but would like to consider alternatives.

    I know next to nothing about none cisco hardware, what others solutions would be recommend? Some DDOS mitigation features would also be nice.

    I did have a quick look at the Juniper website and they seem to have a confusing array of different options. What is essentially the same as an ASA?

    I am also cost sensitive so would consider buying used if it made sense.


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    The Juniper equivalent of the ASA is the SSG. You would need the SSG550. ASAs and SSGs do offer some inspection features but nothing that would be considered true DDoS protection. For that you would need a dedicated device like a tipping point.

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