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    Something about "" and"

    Hey all..
    I have searched a lot but got confused regarding these..

    1) I have seen a free sms website, when i log into that the url looks like I know that URL start with WWW only but what is www9.. ?

    2) When logging into Facebook the status bar says connecting or transferring data from , I know about sub domains that are
    but why there are two dots before (may be silly question)

    Hope everyone understand what am I trying to ask...

    Thanks in advance..

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    www is just a subdomain that is usually already setup. www9 is no different as it is just a subdomain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by speckl View Post
    www is just a subdomain that is usually already setup. www9 is no different as it is just a subdomain.
    www stands for world wide web right.. if its subdomain then why can't we set it on our own.. and how can we set www9 as subdomain

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    The subdomains www9 etc are normally used if there are multiple servers (i.e. www2, www3, www4 etc).

    About the Facebook URL:

    static = static content
    ak = Akamai (CDN)

    So the content at is static content (e.g. images) being served from the Akamai CDN.

    ( cnames to - edgesuite is Akamai)

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    *EDIT: Akamai is the largest CDN in the world from what im aware of and if you can afford them go with them!*

    When ever you see something abreviated for a company and with the letter cdn it almost always means content delivery network.

    FB = Facebook Content Delivery Network

    What is a content delivery network:

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    I would highly recommend you check out this Hak5 episode;;;

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