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    hii....folks !!
    i m starting a website so i m planning for web hosting services they are providing me mysql database 30 (how much size is this in gb/tb help me)

    and i wanted to know web hosting service provider will give me entire authority to modify my database by sitting at my place and also server side programming so i can do necesary changes from my place for my website ????? plz help

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    I doubt the databases are restricted in size, they can go up to your package size for storage space, just they limit you to a max of 30 databases. And yes, most providers provide you with a tool to work on your databases.
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    Some providers restricing the DB size usually if they separate your webhosting server from the DB server, ie. if your DB in different server and you use IP to conncet to not localhost.

    But I think the number "30" is the allowed dbs not the size.

    If you don't have a tool in you CP you can download PhpMyAdmin.

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    Yeah, probably 30 means that you can create 30 databases. It's true though that some providers place limitation on DB size, for example 1and1 that allows DBs up to 100MB only. Now about the DB management, again, some providers place access limitations, for example they don't allow external connections to their DB servers (so for example you can't create a program in Java and get data from a DB hosted with that company). But, around 99% of hosting companies offer phpmyadmin for free so you will indeed be able to make changes to your DBs from home (or anywhere else)!
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