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    Question Anyone know of a wordpress template that looks like this?


    We're looking for a WordPress template that looks like this:

    It's for an interior design friend, who wants to be able to upload pictures and have them "rotate" in the background.. just like you see in the example link above.

    It just needs to be simple.

    A friend recommended this "" website, but she doesn't want to host with them and wix won't let her take the design elsewhere...

    Any suggestions?

    Oh.. she has no budget for this, which is why I am posting here instead of in the design/offers forum. We're not looking for a web designer. I'm hoping there is an existing wordpress theme that is either free or very low-cost.

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    I dont think you'll find a theme like that for free, at least I havent come across any but themeforest is great if your on a budget.

    Take a look at this theme
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    Why not just use a slideshow plug-in like
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    It is a flash site. So if your are familiar with flash then you can easily design it or use free flash wordpress template for it.

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    If you do not know how to create this type of site then you surely cannot get one for free.
    Look at and you need to spend at least $35 for one template.
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    I think you can go for this Paid Premium Theme.
    If you think you like it or want to look for other Interior Design WP Theme, just go HERE.

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    I would suggest redesigning the basic Twenty-Ten theme that comes with Wordpress. You will be more happy if you create your own "template" that is tailored for your client. <--a design site we built custom.

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