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    Celeron T3500 2.1GHz vs Athlon II P320 2.1GHz

    I'm going to be purchasing a new low end laptop, however I'm no hardware expert.

    Which of these two processors is better, the AMD or the Intel?

    Intel Celeron T3500 2.1GHz
    AMD Athlon II P320 2.1GHz

    From what I can understand from the information here and some other things I've read online, the AMD is the better bet.

    However, I'm sure the experts here will be able to give me a quick response on which one to go for

    I'm not going to be doing anything special on this system - code editing in a lightweight editor, ssh, sftp, web browsing, the odd usage of GIMP for some quick image editing and a bit of Spotify running in the background. So it should just be a case of which processor is statistically better, right?


    EDIT: Both are the same price systems, it's just a question of which CPU.
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    Looking at PassMark it looks like the Intel comes out top on average:

    vs the AMD:

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    Thanks for the links djs596, anybody else have anything I should know or any opinions?

    Would like to order in the next hour or so


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    I have used Intel Celeron T3500 2.1GHz and it is working fine for me. So, I want to suggest to go for it.

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    Slightly weird... in the end I opted for something a bit different at a very slightly higher cost... Intel Pentium Dual Core T4500 (2.3GHz/800Mhz FSB/1MB cache).

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