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    * $2 Budget VPS | Ends April 30 | OpenVZ | Managed or Unmanaged
    Budget Hosting at its Best!

    We our glad to announce that we are offering a $1 off special on our Unmanaged Budget VPS Plans. Until April 30, 2011. All you have to do is use the coupon code $1OFF.

    VPS128 - $2 per month after discount (normally $5 per month)
    10 GB Hard Drive
    200 GB Bandwidth
    128 MB RAM
    1 IP Address
    Order HERE

    VPS256 - $3.50 per month after discount (normally $4.50 per month)
    20 GB Hard Drive
    500 GB Bandwidth
    256 MB RAM
    1 IP Address
    Order HERE

    VPS512 - $5 per month after discount (normally $6 per month)
    40 GB Hard Drive
    1 TB Bandwidth
    512 MB RAM
    1 IP Address
    Order HERE
    We do offer other VPS plans if you don't want to take part in this offer. If you visit the link below, you will be able to see the plans that we offer.

    5 TB Budget VPS
    Available Addons
    Extra IP: $1.50 per month
    Managed: $20/pm

    You stated that these plans are unmanged. Do you offer a managed VPS option?
    Yes, we do offer the option for your VPS to managed. On will have the option on the order form if you like mananged or unmanaged. We offer these plans as unmanaged by default.

    Where will the VPS be located?
    These plans are located in Orlando at the HostDime Data Center.

    Do you have a test IP?
    Yes, you may use

    Where is the server located?
    Our web hosting server is located at the HostDime Data Center in Orlando.

    Do you allow Warez, IRC, or Torrent hosting?

    Is TUN/TAP allowed?
    Yes, we ask that you open a support ticket requesting TUN/TAP to be enabled for your VPS.

    What control panel do you use?
    We us SolusVM with OpenVZ.

    How fast is the setup process?
    The setup process is instant. Once your first payment is made, our system then goes to work on creating your account. You will receive and email shortly then after that provides the login details for the control panel.

    Is there a money back guarantee?
    I am sorry but with our VPS plans there is no money back guarantee.

    Do you allow custome VPS plans?
    Yes, we are a strong believer in making the customer happy. Send us an email at [email protected] with the specs you are looking for and the price you are looking to spend each month.

    Brian Oliver - COO
    XFuse Solutions, LLC
    Fusing Superior Support with Superior Web Solutions

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    The VPS128 plan comes with no burstable memory?

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    That would be correct. These plans do not have burst enabled. We are working on a VPS line up that will offer burst.
    Brian Oliver - COO
    XFuse Solutions, LLC
    Fusing Superior Support with Superior Web Solutions

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    His service is great, great speed, great everything. He works with his customers and gets them what they need at a price they can afford. Trust this guy, I do. He hosts 2 of my vpses, 1 for hosting, 1 for VOIP. The Voip one has never had any bad call quality, all good. The one for hosting has head excellent uptime and no problems.

    I recommend his $6/mo plan to everyone. Ask him to enable burst and he will do so for a few extra bucks. Only charged me $2/mo extra for 1gb burst on the 512.

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