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    Arrow Need Proactive Server Management + Outsourced Support on a Per Ticket Basis


    1) Proactive server management
    2) Outsourced support on a per ticket basis


    1) Impeccable English (if you're interested in the outsourced support position - if you only want the proactive server management gig, impeccable English will no longer be a requirement)

    2) Experience

    3) Availability (12 hours per day)

    I'm basically looking for a Linux guru to proactively manage servers and 2 people for outsourced support (of course, the server management guy can handle one of the support shifts, no problem).

    As far as outsourced support is concerned, there will be two shifts:

    1) 9 am ET to 9 pm EST
    2) 9 pm EST to 9 am EST

    If you're interested, please pm me the following information:

    1) which position you are interested in (proactive server management, outsourced support or proactive server management + 1 outsourced support shift)

    2) experience (which companies you worked for up until this point)

    3) your price for proactive management - main node

    4) your price for proactive server management - VPS

    5) your price for a L1/L2 ticket

    6) your price for a L3 ticket

    Please note that I will not reply to your PM if I do not consider you a good candidate for these positions.

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    PM sent. Please check.
    Server Management l 24/7/365 l Linux l Windowsl 15+ years experience
    sales [at] - for general inquiries
    911 [at] - for any urgent help

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    I have sent you PM.
    Netedge Technology 24x7 webhosting support, Monthly server management, Dedicated support.
    Nelichso Live chat support software

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    We could do this, but first I was wondering if you were going to pay your overdue invoice with us. Our support staff performed a lot of extra work not even related to the managed server and they would like to get paid.

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    PM sent! Looking forward to hearing back from you soon.

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