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    Compression or deduping: which is best?

    When it comes to Wan optimisation, which is best - compression or deduping. Seems to me that deduping has to be better, as compression can't compress all the data that's sent over the link, while deduping absolutely ensures there's no duplicate data.

    What do you think?

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    Depends what kind of data you are moving, and what your tolerance is for latency.

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    These things looked pretty good, and some that I can learn, and I hope to learn more on it!

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    Dedupe is only good in an environment where you have lots of replicated data sets.. if your data is all different then it won't be much good in comparison to common algorithm compression..
    'Ripcord'ing is the only way!

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    So in a situation where you're considering building or moving a datacentre to somewhere more cost-effective - maybe somewhere appropriate for fresh air cooling, where power bills are lower, (and where power is actually available, and maybe greener) and where capex and opex are lower, I'd guess it also make sense to use a form of WANop (think Riverbed, Silver Peak etc) to give you the freedom to take advantage of those lower costs, rather than having to consider user proximity as the main siting criterion.

    This then implies that your data could be anything: backup sets, database records, CIFS, the lot. Plenty of duplicated data in there, I should imagine.

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