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    choose me the best dallas vps

    hi guys please help me to choose the best dallas vps..

    my budget is $10 only..

    thank you guys..

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    What are your specs your lookong for and why just in dallas?

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    The SoftLayer DC in Dallas is very good. But your budget is pretty low for the powerful VPS. - Flexible Solutions
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    Quote Originally Posted by localnoypi View Post
    hi guys please help me to choose the best dallas vps..

    my budget is $10 only..

    thank you guys..
    Without any further info from you regarding specs, might want to give Thrust VPS a try. They were the first ones to come into my mind.
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    Do you want the best or do you want a $10 vps?

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    i mean guys at least bandwidth 500gb

    because i heard that dallas based vps like softplayer is extremely fast i want to try. I have vps right now in quickweb in $9 Xen but i want to try another vps. and also i saw but i have no idea if that is good i haven't see any feedback here yet..

    and also or thefusionet...any idea guys?.. thank you

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    What type of specifications are looking for?

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    hello there.. im looking for at least... 25gb Hardisk, 512mem, and 512gb bandwidth..

    and prefered based in dallas texas.. thank you..

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    Is that $10 a month or $10/year offer ?
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