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    Need offshore reliable hosting

    I need a offshore webhoster to be reliable ,good uptime , and with many years of service

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    Which shore are you looking for? Most of the people on here are form the US, but some are from the UK too... 99.9% uptime is pretty standard these days, so any reputabe host offering that with an SLA should fit the bill.

    It's always a good idea to write out your criteria, that'll help you narrow down a suitable candidate.
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    Why do you need offshore? What kind of content will you be providing?
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    Offshore where?

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    We can help you find a host if you tell us on which shore you want the servers. And what kind of content do you want to host ?
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    Why do you want it offshore though?

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    I'm using some servers for many months, I'm telling you their network is one of the best, such good speeds and connectivity, even with USA! They are located in Luxembourg.

    Other good network is leaseweb.

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    why you want offshore?

    if what i am thinking is right than you may look in offers section for Germany/Hongkong/India based hostings.
    you may also check hostings which offers bulletproof servers.

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    OffShore: Euro, UK? United States? When you post for a offshore account there are quite a few places in which could be considered for offshore accounts.

    Are you looking for cross content supplies? What requirements are you wanting after you list the offshore location?
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    you need to be more clear as to what you are looking for in the offshore hosting. And most importantly do you want to buy a shared/vps or dedicated.
    It would be better if you give us an approx estimate of the specs you are looking at.

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    you do not need offshore hosting this can be done with onshore hosting

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    Quote Originally Posted by nackgr View Post
    I need a offshore webhoster to be reliable ,good uptime , and with many years of service
    Are you looking for an offshore host to have the server near your target customer area, or are you looking for an offshore host because you want to do something that might be illegal in some jurisdictions? I suggest that if you were more clear about your needs that you might get replies that are more helpful.

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    Try from Panama...

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