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    Need to quote, VPS/Dedicated? pros/cons


    I need to quote a VPS or Dedicated.

    I am looking for an affordable price for software developers.

    - SolusVM Control Panel
    - Allocated CPU: 4 cores
    - Dedicated RAM: 2.5 GB
    - Swap: 4 GB
    - Diskspace: 55GB
    - 2000 GB Premium Bandwidth
    - 8 IP Address
    - Xen Virtualization
    - SolusVM/Central Backups must be enabled with 2 BKS
    - Reverse DNS must be available in Control Panel
    - OS Templates Fedora 13/14
    - Full root access via SSH, unlimited reboot, OS reloads
    - 1GB port preferred
    - Location US and Canada only
    - Price range [$20 - $60]

    I am not sure yet, but maybe We would need two.

    Can internal ips be set in order to communicate between servers
    and not wasting Bandwidth?

    Moreover, they should be able to upgrade if we need more power.

    Do you think that a dedicated would be the best option?

    Could you please give me some recommendations?


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    I would recommend a dedicated server, it gives a bit more work to start with, but a lot more options down the road.
    ie. memory allocation, clone vps, etc.

    But I am eager to see if all that can really fit within 60$, even which is normally among the cheapest do not quite fit the bill. does not count internal traffic between 2 servers against your 5TB qouta.

    An EQ4 is
    8GB ram
    2x750GB SATA disk
    1gbit port ... connected at 100mbit [add gbit for 39€ monthly]

    IP-Range costs a bit in setup, 25€ for a /28 with 14ips.
    No monthly charge except that it requires the flexi pack which costs 15€

    So total ... 64eur/month = 92USD (I think you can get 19% rebate when outside EU, if so then 75USD).

    You cant upgrade their servers, only replace, but if you use xen, you can make a new server to offload some vps servers.
    sadly they will change ip, since a range cannot be shared between 2servers.

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    I belive primed is correct here a dedicated server would be the way to go. You could set up your own solusVm and creat all the vps on them you want heck even have some for freinds and coworkers. The main thing would be you would have to raise you budget a bit also dont forget anything you get you will have to account for licenses. there are also places you can start with the bottom of the line and add-on upgrades to them as needed. "Where the client comes first!"
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    IMO you are going to have a hard time finding a dedicated server with a CPU that supports VZ for $60 per month...especially with 4GB ram and a Gbps port.
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    Your budget is too low for your expectations. You're unlikely going to find anything to match your specifications with that budget. I would strongly suggest looking at raising your budget, then coming back to the table with something a bit more reasonable. My best suggestion would be to review the advertising forums and look over some of the offers and deals out there, and form your budget accordingly.
    Ryan G.

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    Thank you very much for all your advices.

    I think we need to get dedicated servers.

    Which companies would you recommend me for $120/month?

    I think we would need two servers.

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    You are asking for a server to run VPS?

    If yes, you should increase your budget. Even if you just need a dedicated server, 1Gbpst port speed will add expense to your server.
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    1Gbps Port can cost around 35-80 alone.
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    Your not going to get everything with that price even with one server so i highly doubt you'll get 2

    Canada -

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    Look around there are alot of companies that are fighting for business, and are willing to help with the cost. One thing to remeber is that when you decide on one make sure it has plenty of upgrades avalible. Dont want to be stuck in a situation where you need more and they cant get it to you unless you move to a diffrent server. "Where the client comes first!"
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    Which companies do you recommend me?

    What could I get with a budget of $250 per month?

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