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Thread: A few Logos

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    A few Logos

    I have one logo in AI - it is about 612X648 (I think). However, I cannot resize it down to an appropriate size for the web.

    I have another website that I have some ideas already, so that one should be somewhat easy.

    And then I have one website that I need a logo with the need for an Android App. I am looking at maybe doing this myself but I am guessing the images are somewhat the same. An example is

    If you can be paid with a credit card (not using Paypal) a plus, but I am open to using them.

    Right now - the best way would be to use the first link on my signature to contact me. This way, this email is sent to me (in case I am in the hospital depending on my appt tmr). Thanks!

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    Just sent in our request. Have a great day.
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    Please contact - info[at]nuvodev[dot]com. Thank you.

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