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    offer website builders?

    Hello! I'm checking website builders to offer to our customers, but seriourly they are very ugly or complicated, do you sale website builders? any customer ask me before for that but I see the major players offering them as a very importan product in their websites. honest european provider

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    I know many larger hosting companies offer site builders, of the ones I have used personally I think that RVSiteBuilder works great and is pretty simple
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    We use RVSiteBuilder too, and i have to say the customer do like the simplicity of it.
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    Most web hosting companies offer website builders, but as a customer I don't like to use them because you have less code on the code and lesser flexibility

  5. Good timing on your post!

    I'm currently looking into this at the moment as well but I'm in two minds as to whether or not to offer a site builder. Probably not at launch in all honestly. Regardless this little gem came up in my RSS reader a couple of days ago. - it's open source and looks quite feature full.

    Hope this helps,

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    Thank you, I'm going to check it. honest european provider

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