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    Looking for a host

    I'm looking for a new host. Even though I just moved my site from to a VPS, but unfortunately the VPS seems to be plagued with slow loading times intermittently and I am not happy with it, although the main page seems to load a lot faster than the forums.

    A VPS also seems to be just too much trouble and too expensive for me to manage when the site didn't perform any more reliably than it did on hostrocket where it had been for almost 8 years.

    My site is basically a small site that generates dynamic images using information from the MySQL database for each user about once an hour. These scripts are pretty resource intensive I guess, because I have about 1200 members and about 20+ register each day at least. Regrettably this server move has caused a drop in the people in our forums today because of how slow it can be, it also cannot run any of the scripts because the server just becomes unimaginably slow. I never had this problem on hostrocket.

    I would rather have a host that is around $20 or less for a month, with at least 300gb of bandwidth. I currently use around 6gb of space. But speed, and reliability, with MySQL and PHP are the most important things for me as they are essential to the service we provide for our users.

    Thank you.
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    Was the VPS from hostrocket? I think no matter what you'll be needing a VPS or dedicated server because of the simply reason you're using a lot of resources with your image's operations. Mind sharing what features had your slow VPS? - Home to over 23,000 websites.
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    no, the VPS is from I had their #2 package which is CPU: 1.5 GHZ RAM: 1 GB HD: 50 GB Bandwidth: 1 TB.

    Wooservers is currently looking into the issue, but can't find the reason. They have been great on the support side, but I still can't be on a server that can't handle my scripts. I'm not sure why the VPS has such a problem with them, when the shared server didn't? Perhaps there is a problem with MySQL but I'm not sure how to find out about that.

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    Host hosting suppliers will suspend your account if your site using above 15% or sometimes as low as 5% of their server resources. (Not including burst)

    I would recommend a VPS if not a small dedicated server. Again it depends on the term "using high resources" what is your site using?
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    Those VPS specs are well known and probably oversold and for $12.99/mo I wouldn't expect that to be real. Why you don't try their "Elite" packages instead? - Home to over 23,000 websites.
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    Right now currently it is doing:

    Server uptime: 53 minutes 37 seconds
    Total accesses: 9182 - Total Traffic: 86.8 MB
    CPU Usage: u.13 s.2 cu6.05 cs0 - .198% CPU load
    2.85 requests/sec - 27.6 kB/second - 9.7 kB/request
    7 requests currently being processed, 7 idle workers

    If I run the script that updates the database, the script itself uses up around 95% of the CPU at times and the above stats go to:

    Total accesses: 9708 - Total Traffic: 92.4 MB
    CPU Usage: u.1 s.13 cu9.21 cs0 - .271% CPU load
    2.78 requests/sec - 27.1 kB/second - 9.7 kB/request
    9 requests currently being processed, 7 idle workers

    I hope this is what you were asking for.

    Edit: Uptime command:

    17:08:07 up 1:13, 3 users, load average: 0.56, 0.76, 0.85
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    Hi Travis,

    You can surely find a reliable provider for less than $20 per month. Your requirements aren't anything major and it's a great budget for some quality hosting. Have you looked at the offer section located below:

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    Did you change anything recently? Why did you stray from hostrocket? - Gameing discussion, arcade, all around good fun

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    Well the VPS was just set up two days ago, so a lot has been changed. The server hosts have made some changes and installed "eaccelerator, memcached, and mysql query cache". I'm not sure if it's helping or not as it still feels like it takes a long time to connect to the forums. If anyone wants to take a look, the link is in my profile.

    I actualled left hostrocket because I was having problems with the scripts and mysql server going away and they recommended that since my site had grown so much recently that I should move to a VPS to help alleviate that problem.

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    Part of your problem is your site of course, but nothing a decent VPS couldn't handle. Why you don't ask Wooservers to upgrade you to an "elite" vps? pick the same specs or a little bit more, I'm sure "elite" packages are less overloaded than the regular - Home to over 23,000 websites.
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    I'll look into that if they can't resolve it soon, when hostrocket sent me that email they recommended, has anyone had any experience with them?

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    A very good VPS Host is at I have used them for a year now and only one time it was down. Also there support is very nice.

    - Zack

    Best of luck to you on your endeavor for perfect hosting

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    Hello Travis.
    I'm sure you need to do some research on your program and script and check how it loads machine (processor and memory). That could be simple program running on the server and you might believe that is nothing but when it comes to the true you may see that your server loads are high.

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    I would recommend finding a host that ain't oversold.
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    try the features and pricing seems good there...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lakridserne View Post
    I would recommend finding a host that ain't oversold.
    That's a lot of work and worry... too much for most people. We need a reliable and impartial guide.

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    Hi there! Web hosting companies can be as dynamic as you can imagine. Different web hosters offer specialized services that may or may not be unique. You can check out freewebsitemaker .co. uk/category/news for some free website maker reviews to compare and contrast the top ranking web hosters available. I hope you can find the best one that is most apt for you, and will cater to the needs and demands of your site.

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    I would strongly recommend a $15 VPS.

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    Maybe you need a bigger VPS? it looks like based on the load stats that you pasted.
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    Hmm, interesting.

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    If you have a small site then I think any shared host will work for you.

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    Thumbs up Hosting Provider

    I provide shared hosting on my dedicated server with 8 cores and 4 GB ram. I have been in the Web hosting business for 3 years and I have 30 years experience in computers. I can offer solid hosting with the burst capacity you need without busting your budget.

    PM me and we will discuss.


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